Ha Do Group


1990: Establishment of the Construction Enterprise under the Technical Institutes of Armed Forces (now the Military Institute of Science and Technology) – Ministry of Defence

1992: Ha Do Construction Company was incorporated under Decision No. 75B/QD/QP dated 12 December 1992 and converted into an independent accounting unit.

1996: Ha Do Construction Company was merged into Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Company under Decision No. 514/QDQP dated 18 April 1996 by the Minister of Defense; the newly incorporated company was named Ha Do Company.

2004: In accordance with the enterprise equitization policy under Decision No. 163/2004/QD-BQP dated 09 December 2004 by the Minister of Defence, Ha Do Company was converted into Ha Do Joint Stock Company with the charter capital of VND 135 billion.

This year marked the rapid growth of the Company, which moved to a new era of development. Ha Do Joint Stock Company asserted its continual strength with sound business strategies in line with the country’s industrialization and modernization age.

2005: Organizational re-structure into group model and conversion of member companies into joint stock ones, including:

–           Ha Do 1 Joint Stock Company

–           Ha Do 2 Joint Stock Company

–           Ha Do 4 Joint Stock Company

–       Establishment of ZaHung Joint Stock Company and investment in construction of Za  Hung hydropower plant in Quang Nam province.

2008: Continue to convert remaining member companies into joint stock ones:

–           Ha Do 3 Joint Stock Company

–           Ha Do 5 Joint Stock Company

–           Ha Do Construction Consulting Joint Stock Company

–           Establishment of Ha Do Commercial Joint Stock Company

–           Establishment of Ha Do Real Estate Trading Floor

2009: Officially granted ISO 9001-2008 quality management system certification from the international organization WQA

2010: Official listing on Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HOSE) under stock code HDG.

–          Officially renamed Ha Do Group Joint Stock Company (abbreviated name: Ha Do Group).

–      Establishment of Ha Do International Investment Company and a representative office in Vientiane – Laos for implementation of Noong Tha urban city project in Vientiane – Laos.

–      Ha Do 5 Joint Stock Company merged with the industrial equipment center to establish Ha Do Mechanical, Engineering and Construction – Industrial Equipment Joint Stock Company

2011: Establishment of Khanh Ha Investment Joint Stock Company to implement Bao Dai resorts and Hon Thi – Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa Island Cluster.

 2012 up to now:

–        Merger of Ha Do 2 Joint Stock Company and Ha Do 3 Joint Stock Company to establish Ha Do 23 Joint Stock Company.

–          Establishment of Ha Do Trading and Real Estate Brokerage Company Limited with one member in the North and Ha Do Real Estate Management – Operations – Exploitation Company Limited in the South.

–         Establishment of Ha Do – 756 Saigon Joint Stock Company for implementation of Z756 Complex Project in District 10, Ho Chi Minh City.

–             The Group consists of 13 companies in which Ha Do Group serves as the parent company with 8 subsidiaries and 4 affiliates.

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