Dat Xanh Group

Since establishment, Dat Xanh Group directly invested and cooporated to develop more than 500 hectares of land, supplied over 50,000 villas, townhouses and condos in Ho Chi Minh city, Danang, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Long An… We are continuing to deploy more than 200 hectares of newer land fund concentrated in Ho Chi Minh city, Hanoi, Danang, Dong Nai and Phu Quoc. Approximately 5.000 to 10.000 villas, townhouses and condos are expected to be in the market annually.

In 14 years of development, Dat Xanh Group has become one of the outstanding investors in the market with diversified products to meet the needs of the market with typical projects as Opal Riverside, Opal Garden, Luxcity, Sunview Town, Phu Gia Hung, Gold Hill, The Viva City … All these products have been greeted with a bright note and encouraged to develop more widely by customers and society.

Dat Xanh Group always aims at bringing true value for residents via projects with convenient locations, completed infrastructure, modern design, quality construction, full facilities and clean living environment.

Investment performance portfolio:


Total 8,321,438 26,289
Status Project Land fund Quantity Type of product Type of investment
Deployed Sunview 1-2 160,002 448 Apartment Direct Investment
Deployed Phu Gia Hung 3,7278 234 Apartment Direct Investment
Deployed Gold Hill 270.524 1.264 Apartment Direct Investment
Deploying Sunview Town 36.697 1.603 Apartment Direct Investment
Deploying Luxcity 7.481 432 Apartment Direct Investment
Deploying Opal Riverside 14.042 626 Apartment Direct Investment
Deploying Opal Tower 4.668 260 Apartment Direct Investment
Deploying Auris City 8.823 551 Apartment Direct Investment
Deploying Cara Riverview 3.415 196 Apartment Direct Investment
Deploying Opal Garden 8.250 473 Apartment Direct Investment
To be developed soon Polaris Riverview 2.401 170 Apartment Direct Investment
To be developed soon The Palm City 73.400 237 Villas + houses Direct Investment
To be developed soon Greeny Riverside 8.526 765 Apartment Direct Investment
To be developed soon Zen Riverside 12.678 517 Apartment Direct Investment
To be developed soon Lux Garden 9.121 400 Apartment Direct Investment
To be developed soon Venice City 42.904 3.000 Apartment Direct Investment
Deployed Western Land 320.000 129 Villas Cooperation
Deployed Rubyland 110.000 418 Villas + houses Cooperation
Deployed Hưng Phước 77.000 325 Building land Cooperation
Deployed Binh An 4.400 12 Villas Cooperation
Deployed Hoang Gia 658.160 1.917 Villas + houses Cooperation
Deployed Thung Lung Xanh 450.000 458 Building land Cooperation
Deployed Five Star 150.680 649 Building land Cooperation
Deployed Giang Dien 1.180.000 582 Building land Cooperation
Deployed The Morning Star 1.634 203 Apartment Cooperation
Deployed 4S Riverside Linh Dong 19.995 1.116 Apartment Cooperation
Deploying Sunset Sanato 2.470.000 210 Building land Cooperation
Deploying Full House 3.275 192 Apartment Cooperation
Deploying Topaz City 20.435 1.030 Apartment Cooperation
Deploying Saigonres Plaza 11.466 749 Apartment Cooperation
Deploying Dat Gia 27.823 646 Apartment Cooperation
Deploying 360 Giai Phong 36.702 468 Apartment Cooperation
Deploying Golden West 8.232 816 Apartment Cooperation
Deploying Siri 33.400 256 Apartment Cooperation
Deploying Viva City 1.170.908 3.013 Building land Cooperation
Deploying My Son 5.039 350 Apartment Cooperation
Deploying Hoang Van Thu 21.023 1.350 Apartment Cooperation
Deploying The Grand World 870.000 Villas + resort Cooperation
Deploying Binh Dang 4.607 244 Apartment Cooperation

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