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Dear visitors, welcome! This website is to feature news and updates on apartment projects developed by An Gia Investment. Lower part of this page you will see an article about the developer followed by the introduction of the author of this website.

About An Gia Investment

From a realtor to a developer

Starting the company in 2008 right after the collapse of the overinflated real estate market, the founders from the beginning have determined toward a healthy and sustainable perspective catering to the actual market demand for housing instead of seeking to benefit from short-term speculations.

Setting out as a broker agency, An Gia had obtained the insider understanding of the market so that in the next phase the company took a turning step to venture out as a developer basing on the incorporation of its experience and available resources.

The Japanese was convinced

Người Nhật vốn khó tính nhưng minh bạch và trọng chữ tín, đó cũng chính là những điểm chung mà Creed Group tìm thấy ở An Gia.
MOU signing ceremony between An Gia Investment and Creed Group Japan on 26 July 2015.

Someone knowing well about An Gia must be the president of Japan's Creed Group, Mr. Toshihiko Muneyoshi who said in the USD 200 million worth MOU signing ceremony: "An Gia is a dynamic team with far-reaching vision and capability in both development and selling, which makes the company well qualify of being a strategic partner for Creed." (Translated by editor). The Japanese appreciates transparency and reliability, the things in common that they found in An Gia.

M&A and the resurrection of suspended projects

An Gia drew a lot of attention from the market and the industry being actively conducting M&A transactions, buying projects suffocated by the 2008 crisis and refreshing the developments. Below are the milestones dotting the company's M&A journey.

  1. Nakyco Compound in Tan Phu District: Originally by Nakyco JS. An Gia bought over 2 condo blocks of 312 units, modified the design and increased the total number to 390 units. The compound was renamed The Garden.
  2. Tan Mai Compound in Binh Tan District: Bought over from Tan Binh ICC and rebadged The Star, the compound comprises 3 apartment blocks , 21-storey, totalling 480 units. 
  3. River City Compound in District 7: The project with 3,200 units formerly by Phat Dat JSC. An Gia - Creed JV is now holding 50% of the stake. The project is now redesigned and will be lodged for authority's approval. It will take some time till the start-over.
  4. La Casa Compound in District 7: The project is developed on a 6.35 ha plot by Van Phat Hung JSC. The project encompasses 6 condo towers of 28 to 35 storeys and 1 officetel block. By the time of the market depression, Van Phat Hung had only 1 condo tower completed. An Gia bought over the right to develop the remaining 6 blocks (5 condo and 1 officetel). Soon after the acquisition, An Gia proceeded to complete the top slabs of 2 towers namely Angia Riverside and Angia Skyline. Now the company has moved on to the next 2 towers, The Garden Bay and River Panorama.

At the time being, An Gia and Creed keep going in their common course to carry out their masterplan for the 5-year period 2016 - 2020. Both agree on the product strategy targeting to supply quality condos with superior technology application.

Specialization of sales team

By the end of 2015, in the preparation for the next 5-year plan 2016 - 2020, An Gia consolidated its Sales Department toward specialization of selling function for improved efficiency. The department was raised to a higher scale and restructured into an independent entity, a 100-strong Nam Hung Land. An Gia focuses on development and marketing while the selling function was transfered to Nam Hung.

About the editor

This website is run by Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Dung, or June to make it easy for you to pronounce her name. June is a legally licensed real estate agent, who represents An Gia Investment in the introduction and consultancy of the company's condominium products.

June joined An Gia Investment in 2013 and ever since has performed the consultancy work for all projects developed by An Gia Investment. One of the reasons June stays steady with An Gia Investment is that the company targets upmarket segments to whom the products introduced must always pride on certain unique and prestigious features. The upmarket clients, on the other hand, are demanding but also more smart and experienced than enough to appreciate an honest and hardworking agent.

In March 2015 when An Gia's Sales Department was restructured to become the independent Nam Hung Land JSC who then took over the selling and consultancy function, June continued her course with the team as a senior member.

Same same but different.

Realizing that the company's website puts a stress on branding and corporate image, June decided to bring up her own website here as an additional part to the company's site. The difference is that her site conveys the details and updates about everything around projects that company's site does not cover. These details and updates are particularly useful for  clients during their decision making process, or to keep an eye on the progress of the construction.

As an official agent for An Gia's apartments, June makes sure all information about the products, prices, policies, T&C's from the company will be passed on honestly to all clients. You can be sure you are working with the right agent and having the right price.

Legally licensed.

Below is the screenshot of June's valid license granted by HCM City's Construction Department. It's a pity there is no English on it so you may need some help from someone who can read Vietnamese. However, it basically reads: "The Director of HCM City's Construction Department hereby announces that Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Dung is legally permitted to practice real estate brokering everywhere the country". At the low left corner, her citizen ID is 024182900 issued by HCM City's Police Department on 28 April 2008.

Chuyên viên tư vấn của An Gia Investment

To verify June's official work status, clients can contact HR Department, Nam Hung Land. Address: 252 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Ward 6, District 3, HCM City. Tel: +84.8.39308288 - Ext: 211.

Thank you.

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